Forest House Waldorf School nurtures the physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities of the growing child through a developmentally appropriate curriculum inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Forest House understands that every stage of development is unique through the primary years. Children of this age respond to an integrated curriculum that engages their feelings, enlivens their thinking, and nourishes their imagination.

The Waldorf Curriculum integrates the sciences and humanities with art and practical activity. The Forest House curriculum weaves a strong element of imagination and emotional engagement into every academic and specialty subject. The child lives into his or her education through colour, story, song and poetry. Allowed time and space to develop, and with a real respect for the individual, Forest House provides a curriculum that develops the whole child as education takes place through thinking, feeling and willing (head, heart and hands).

Forest House provides a comprehensive foundation for a child’s development. The curriculum is academically vigorous and prepares your child to graduate with a love of learning and an ability to think flexibly and creatively.

Our Teaching Approach

As Forest House, like many Waldorf schools, the Class Teacher moves with the class through several years of the primary school journey, often from class 1 through class 6. This supports the continuity of curriculum from one year to the next in pursuit of our vision and mission to nurture and inspire children to become inquisitive, creative, compassionate, independent and responsible individuals. With this approach, the teacher gets to know children’s strengths and needs deeply, and to support a positive and social dynamic in the classroom.

Main Lesson

Main Lesson is a dedicated two-hour block of time in the morning is focused on one academic subject or theme for three to four weeks. The class teacher employs various creative activities such as music, drawing, movement, story and painting as they guide the children in exploring a subject from many different perspectives. This imaginative teaching style encourages an immersive exploration of each subject. Textbooks and worksheets are rarely used. Instead, students spend a considerable amount of time in the creation of a Main Lesson book, which acts as an illustrated record of their own learning and progress.

Outdoor recess following which allows students an opportunity for physical exercise and social interaction.

Middle Lesson

After the Main Lesson, Middle Lessons begin which allows for the daily repetition of subject lessons over the whole cycle. The middle lessons are ongoing lessons that supplement the main lesson and continue throughout the year. Teachers provide instruction in various topics such as world languages (Chinese), skills (Mathmatic and English), physical education, music, painting, and Eurythmy (a form of body movement that incorporates elements of dance, balance, poise and athleticism).

Block Lesson

In the afternoon, students take part in Block Lessons. Students are engaged in hands-on activities, which link thematically with the morning studies, such as bees wax modeling, woodwork, clay work, hand work and gardening.

Festivals and Cultural Events

Festivals are an integral part of school life at Forest House. Our festivals and cultural events celebrate seasonal changes and acknowledge human values and virtues, as well as celebrating cultural events of significance. The festivals and celebrations are brought into the classroom through decoration, story, song, movement, and drama. Some events are observed with a specific class, while others are celebrated as school-wide assemblies and events.

Additional assemblies and community gatherings throughout the year add to the richness of the year and bring our community together. The children meet every Monday morning to share songs, stories verses and plays.

Core Curriculum