Class Teacher - Upper Primary to Middle School

Class Teacher - Upper Primary to Middle School

Class Teacher - Upper Primary to Middle School

The Class Teacher plays a very important role in this age-appropriate education, and usually continues with the class through several years of their primary school journey, often from Class 1 through to Class 6 and further. With this approach, the teacher gets to know the children’s strengths and needs deeply, and thus supports a positive social dynamic in the classroom.

The suitable candidate must be proficient and fluent in English and show:

  • A willingness to grow with a young school following the Rudolf Steiner methodology
  • A deep interest in children and their development
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with teachers and parents
  • The candidate must be a team-player who is also a self-starter
  • Enjoy a collaborative working environment
  • Be committed to professional and inner development
  • Show respect for local customs and culture

Qualification Requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree and a certificate in Waldorf primary school teaching
  • Having completed a Primary School Waldorf cycle will be advantageous
  • Salary commensurate with experience

Forest House Waldorf School

Our school is a non-profit organisation which strives to offer inclusive education to all who seek it, regardless of religion, political background, or culture. We are the first Waldorf school in Hong Kong duly registered with the Education Bureau and is recognised by the International Forum for Waldorf/Steiner Education in Switzerland, as well as being an associate member of Steiner Education Australia.

Having guided two groups of students through their primary school years, FHWS is expanding its classes from primary school to middle school curriculum. We are seeking trained and experienced Waldorf class teachers to support our teaching team and grow together.

FHWS provides competitive compensation packages for overseas applicants to relocate to Hong Kong. Our supportive team stands ready to guide and assist you in facilitating your seamless integration into both the residential and professional spheres.

  • Please include a covering letter describing your perspectives on Waldorf Education and your motivations for seeking the role of a class teacher within our institution.
  • Kindly send your covering letter, CV and your references to Human Resources by email to [email protected]
  • Closing date for application : 30th June 2024