Admission Policy

Is the child suitable for our school? Do the parents understand the concept of Waldorf education and are they willing to cooperate with the school in providing the child with this Waldorf education?

These are the two most important factors that are considered in the assessment process in our application procedure.

Teachers will interview potential students and assess not only the academic ability of each student but also his/her all-round disposition including his/her physical and emotional condition and his/her personality. Therefore, in selecting students, our focus is more on how much we think the child can benefit from what we have to offer, rather than selecting children that display the most academic potential.

Waldorf education requires a certain degree of parental involvement and cooperation especially in providing a suitable home environment that nurtures the healthy growth and development of the child. In this connection, we will invite the prospective parents for conversations to explore if their expectations are in line with what the school can offer. These conversations will be considered by the Admission Committee and the future class teacher.

As we have limited places in each class, it is likely that we will have more suitable applicants than we have vacancies. We have already stated that suitability rather than academic potential is the determining factor. In general, children from schools with Waldorf initiatives in and around Hong Kong, for understandable reasons, are more likely to be suitable and this will be factored into our selection decisions.