Our History

Forest House International School Limited (“FHISL”) was created in September 2011 when three founding families came together with the dream of establishing the first government-registered Waldorf primary school in Hong Kong.

FHISL was founded as a charitable organisation to promote Waldorf education in Hong Kong, and the company is registered under s.88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in April 2012. FHISL is the sponsoring body of Forest House Waldorf School (“FHWS”), and the school received its permanent school license in July 2016.

It is the Trustees' vision that FHWS strives to develop each child into inquisitive, creative, compassionate, independent and responsible individuals who make a positive contribution to the community.

Through the introduction of a Waldorf curriculum to Hong Kong, we aspire to improve education in Hong Kong by providing an alternative to traditional education and curriculum. The School offers an innovative and enlightened approach to education which aims to produce a new generation of competent and intellectual individuals who embody physical, mental and spiritual health and energy.

We believe in inclusive education which is available to all who seek it, regardless of religion, political background as well as economic or social status.

Board of Trustees
Forest House International School Limited