Forest House Waldorf School
Parent Teacher Association (FHWS PTA)

Mission Statement

The FHWS PTA exists to promote the involvement of parents in the activities and general welfare of the students and improve the quality of education. School activities enable parents to have a deeper understanding of their children development. The FHWS PTA organise social functions for families, and fund raising events to provide the school with supplemental equipment.


The School Environment and Student Enrichment:
  • Continually help the school to improve the educational environment.
  • Develop a flower roster and organise nature tables to nurture a creative and stimulating environment.
  • Organise Lazure painting and assemble desks for students.
  • Enrich the learning experience for all students by organising extra curricular activities such as Eurythmy classes.
  • Raise funds for additional resources for the school and classroom.
Serve as a Bridge between Parents, Teachers and Staff:
  • Promote close-working and collaboration between parents/teachers/staff for the promotion of education and facilitate discussion on matters relating to the education offered by the school.
  • Support new parents within the school by organising open days, meet and greet new parents on the first day of school and buddy programme.
  • Support teachers by helping with festivals and events organised by the school.
Promote the participation of Parents through volunteering opportunities:
  • Coordinate and recruit volunteers to assist in fundraising events and community activities.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to take an active part in the life of the school and utilise the skills that parents can provide to enrich the education of students and the school environment.
Parent and Community Enrichment:
  • Provide learning opportunities for existing and prospective parents through school open days, education sessions with teachers and guest speakers.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to connect with other parents, celebrating and enjoying the school community through events such as craft circles, book club, community barbecue.
  • Show appreciation to our staff by organising staff appreciation dinners, end of year gifts and birthday celebrations.
  • Provide regular meetings, newsletters and information to keep parents informed and involved.
Continually review and evaluate the relevance of our current PTA programs:
  • Create, propose and implement PTA programs that address the evolving needs of our school.


  • Lilian Tang - Chairperson

    Lillian believes in Waldorf education and understands that strong parent involvement in a Waldorf community will benefit children more. She believes a strong community will enhance the growth and set a solid foundation for the School. Lillian has been an active volunteer at Forest House and PTA since 2016.

  • Jayme Joyce – Active Secretary

    Jayme has recently joined the FHWS PTA Committee and is looking forward to being more involved in the school community. She loves the holistic and gradual approach to education that Waldorf offers children, allowing them to be children for longer. She is a mother of two children, her eldest daughter is in Class One. Before having children, she worked as an HR Coordinator, and prior to that as an Training Coordinator. Jayme's interests include travelling, food, hiking and listening to music.

  • Elisa Wu – Treasurer

    Elisa's passion lies in pottery, painting plates, and baking artisan cakes. She is a qualified accountant. Elisa believes the FHWS PTA is the core part of the Forest House community and it has been created for the benefit of our children, our teachers, and our school.

  • Candy Law – Executive Committee Member

    Candy is an enthusiastic potter and pianist. She is a mother of two children, both are attending Forest House. Candy values her time spent with family and work. She believes that the FHWS PTA has a special role to play in building a strong community with children, teachers, and parents.

  • Kristine Ho – Executive Committee Member

    Kristine works for her own travel business. Her interests lie in children's welfare and Waldorf education. She has three dogs and two cats. Since her first year of being a parent at Forest House, she feels she has benefited from the efforts of the PTA and school especially as a first time Waldorf parent. Kristine is now eager to contribute to FHWS PTA’s work herself.

  • Otis Lam – Parent Representative on School Management Committee

    Otis is working in Higher Education, primarily teaching science courses and creative problem solving skills to undergraduate students. Previously Otis has worked in other local tertiary institutions to provide teaching supports for academic staff, training for postgraduate teaching assistants, and academic advising for undergraduate freshmen.

    Otis acquired his bachelor and doctorate degrees in Biology from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In pursuit of his interest in education, he also obtained a Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong.

  • Peony Wong – Alternate Parent Representative on School Management Committee

    Peony's interests lie in accompanying our children to take a small step every day, she believes it takes both children and parents to achieve great things and places together. Peony has been an active volunteer at Forest House since 2016. She is currently studying Art Therapy and is a full-time mother with four children. Formerly, Peony worked in the textile industry and used to teach weaving.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact to volunteer for any of the activities or for further information.