中文科郭倩芬老師 著





Chinese Main Lesson in Grade 3: Creation Myths

By Miss Gwen Guo, Mandarin Teacher

26 November, 2019

“The strength of Waldorf Schools is linked to the universal commonality of all people, and is deeply rooted in the culture of each place." Waldorf is an educational system that originated from a Western cultural background, but to implement Waldorf education in Hong Kong, it is woven together with local culture.

The Waldorf Education Outline states that a 9-year-old child experiences separation from the world around them, and they want to know where everything comes from. Therefore, creation stories are especially suitable for class 3 children. The main class teacher will talk about the Hebrew creation myth and the biblical creation story. In the Chinese section, we bring in the Chinese creation myth and let the children feel and understand the origin of the Chinese people and the life of ancient peoples.

The stories are: The First God of the Primordial Chaos Ancestor Xuan Huang, Pan Gu Kai Tian, and stories of the gods from the Nuwa Period to the Five Emperors. The children are immersed in the storyline, as if they were there, and they were experiencing their own transformation. The wonders and changes in the story are deeply appealing to them. We compiled the story into a rhythmic verse and let the children read it out loud.