中文科劉瑩瑩老師 著





Chinese New Year Celebration

By Miss Crystal Liu, Mandarin Teacher

25 February, 2020

Festival Celebration unconsciously influences the children with abundant spiritual and cultural nutrition. Many important traditional festivals relate to the rhythms of the year, guided by the four seasons. Celebrating festivals with children helps them to experience a series of activities and deepen their connection to the rhythms of nature and local humanistic culture. This is one of the reasons that in Waldorf schools we attach great importance in celebrating festivals.

Chinese New Year is considered as the most important festival in China. It conveys people’s reflection for the past year and the expectation for the promising year ahead. A series of customs and activities such as big cleaning, Spring Couplet Writing, lion and dragon dance all embody the wisdom and spirit of the Chinese Nation and the essence of Chinese culture.

Among the Chinese New Year celebration, we tell origin stories of the festivals and learn the festival poems and songs. Through paper cutting, Chinese painting, Chinese Calligraphy, bracelets making, festival food cooking, children experience various cultural activities. Every child takes part in the culture performance that will be presented on the celebration day to parents and the community. We welcome the Chinese New Year with a celebration that includes a wonderful performance of lion dance, play, folk dance, songs, Sanjuban and so on.