School Management Committee

The School Management Committee (SMC) is the management committee, under section 32 of Education Ordinance, responsible for managing the school (FHWS). The sponsoring body (FHISL) has nominated 4 trustees as SMC members. The Principal is the “ex officio” SMC member. In addition, there are 4 SMC members (and 1 alternate member) which include: two teacher representatives; one representative (and an alternate representative) of the parent association and one independent member.

  • Paul TAITrustee Member & School Supervisor

    Paul is a qualified accountant in UK, Hong Kong and Singapore with extensive experience in finance and financial management. In addition to his position as the executive director of a multinational group, Paul is currently the Vice President of Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council and participates in various advisory roles in community service organisations and NGOs. He was a member of the School Management Committee of a government secondary school between 2004 and 2008 in Hong Kong.

  • Cannie BENNETTTrustee & Founder Member

    Cannie studied Executive Masters Business of Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With her passion and commitment, she has steered her work to the young children of Hong Kong. Cannie is also the founder of Garden House Waldorf Pre-School and Kindergarten and a founder member of Highgate House School, an Education Consultant for a pioneer international kindergarten joint venture with Department of Education; Guangzhou China (1993), Regional Coordinator for Greater China on Waldorf Early Childhood Education (2010-2015, 2018-present) as well as an active member of the Kowloon City Baptist Church.

  • Philip HEUNGTrustee & Founder Member

    Philip is an entrepreneur and founded several businesses, all of which he is serving as the managing director. Graduating from Queens' University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Commerce, Philip also received his Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree from Babson College. Philip is actively involved in various community groups and NGOs, serving previously as secretary for Clear The Air, spokesperson for Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, and adjunct professor at Lasell College. Philip is committed to building a Waldorf primary school so that his daughters, along with others who seek it, have access to Waldorf Primary Education in Hong Kong.

  • Antonio TSUITrustee Member

    Antonio is a practicing barrister in Hong Kong and a lawyer in New York State.  Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Antonio was employed to be a local secondary school teacher for several months.  Antonio also received his Juris Doctor degree and Master of Law degrees in Hong Kong while his was working for the Government.  Before practicing law, he had received scholarship to become a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and participated in a public interest law project with PILnet, New York.  Currently, Antonio participates in various roles in different community services and NGOs.

  • Cindy CORNISHTeacher Member & Vice Principal

    Cindy Cornish completed her Waldorf Training at the Centre for Creative Education, Cape Town, South Africa, in 1999. She completed two seven year cycles of teaching in a pioneering Waldorf primary school. At the Centre for Creative Education, Cindy was an active member on the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers. She began working in Hong Kong in 2013, as kindergarten teacher in a Waldorf inspired kindergarten, while assisting with the setting up of Forest House Waldorf School. She began teaching a class in September 2014 and is now teaching a combined class of children. She continues to support the development of Waldorf Education in Hong Kong.

  • Drew WILSONIndependent Member

    Drew is a teacher of English Language, Literature and Drama with 20 years' experience in Secondary School education, 6 years of which were Head of Department in the UK and 10 Years of which have been Head of Department for English and Drama in Hong Kong. In addition, he has also had a 5 years teaching experience at undergraduate level both in the UK and in Hong Kong. Drew received his Bachelor of Honours degree in English Language and English Literature from the University of Central Lancashire, his Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Warwick University, his TESOL Cert. from Trinity College and His Master of Education from The Open University.

  • Otis LAMParent Member (alternate)

    Otis is working in Higher Education, primarily teaching science courses and creative problem solving skills to undergraduate students. Previously Otis has worked in other local tertiary institutions to provide teaching supports for academic staff, training for postgraduate teaching assistants, and academic advising for undergraduate freshmen.

    Otis acquired his bachelor and doctorate degrees in Biology from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In pursuit of his interest in education, he also obtained a Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong.

*All registered as School Manager under EDB Ordinance